Matthew 10:7-8

As you go, preach, saying, "the kingdom of heaven is at hand."
Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.

A Treasure of human souls

Jesus said "the kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field" You know what the treasure is, it's a treasure of human souls.

Jesus was concerned about lost things; lost pearls, and lost sheep. He worried about the crop that would be lost if the lack of workers left it rotting in the field. He wasn't just speaking rhetorically when He spoke of His concerns. He sacrificed His life to purchase lost souls.

Well Saturday as we were on outreach I couldn't help but think of all the people in these neighborhoods and what treasure was there. It is so easy to drive by neighborhoods, apartment buildings, houses and forget there are people in there lost, sick, hurting, misunderstood, lonely, afraid, depressed, fearful, blind, deaf, lame, diabetic, addicted, abused, you name it there in there.

God's given us the privilege as His Ambassadors to bring the good news of the Kingdom to them. Let us never forget.

Anyway Saturday we found a new neighborhood, a women from last week gave us her address and wanted us to do a home meeting at her apartment. She wasn't home so we went door to door to check things out. The first home we came to we knocked on the door told them the kingdom of heaven was at hand and asked if anyone needed healing. They kind of laughed at us but a young man 18yrs old said "I do" and came outside for prayer. He said he'd been up all night with pain inside his mouth. We shared with him about what God's been doing so he let us pray he was amazed all the pain was gone. We continued to share the gospel with him.

The next guy was out bouncing a basketball his name was Antonio he only had one eye. He had been shot with a BB gun in 1984. We began to pray for his healing we didn't see anything change but maybe next time. We had a word that he likes to write poetry he said "yes I do" and began to recite a poem he had written.

At the next house we met Stella a middle aged mother. We just shared the Gospel with her and prayed for fear and depression to go. She said " I know God sent you here" we continued to minister and encourage her.

As we were knocking on the next home a neighbor called to us that no one lived there. We went over to her home and asked if she needed prayer. She invited us in her name was Miss Annie. She had Arthritis in both feet after prayer she walked around the kitchen to test it for pain she couldn't find any. We all just thanked God for the healing, she also had irritation in her eyes from cataracts we prayed for that and she said "the irritation is gone it feels much better."

The next home was a man living alone named Perry he was 60 yrs old and had had 4 heart attacks and 3-4 strokes. He was a believer and invited us in, we encouraged him in the lord prayed for God to strengthen his body and just fellowshiped with him for a while. He began to share his love for singing for the Lord and how the strokes had really affected his singing voice. We prayed God would restore it 100% he sang a bit for us and it sounded pretty good.

As we were leaving a little boy riding his bike, probably no more than 3 said "next time you come to my house" very cute and prophetic we'll definitely be back. What a joy to see the treasure in these neighborhoods it always amazes me what God will do.

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