Matthew 10:7-8

As you go, preach, saying, "the kingdom of heaven is at hand."
Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.

Deliverance is real

On a recent outreach, me and a friend of mine were walking through a neighborhood, when a woman stopped us and asked to use one of our cell phones, as her phone was dead.

She was a regular looking lady just sitting with her daughter in her car, waiting for a friend.

 After the phone call, we told her we were out preaching the gospel and praying for people, and asked her if she needed any prayer. She let us pray for her and while we were praying we got a word she was dreaming a lot and having trouble sleeping.

She began to share about being tormented by dreams and hearing voices when she's awake, she told us of witchcraft in her family going back three generations. She shared a number of stories of supernatural encounters with spirits, and she was encouraged that we seemed to understand where she was coming from. 

We encouraged her with the good news that we had authority and power over the spirits that were tormenting her, and she could be set free.

She let us pray again, and as we were praying she started to feel very sick to her stomach. We encouraged her and told her it was probably the darkness leaving as those unclean spirits are very real.

After a bit she started feeling better and we were able to lead her to the Lord. We explained a bit more about the kingdom and how to stay free and she was so thankful we had come by.

God's given every born again believer, authority and power over the enemy, not just for our own freedom, but so we can bring real help to others. Freely you have received, freely give...

Don't underestimate a simple release of the kingdom.

A few months ago I was on a job site and prayed for a man named Ace, he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and he was pretty stressed out about it as the doctor's had given him a pretty bad report.

This past Friday I was on a job and Ace happened to be on the same job site, I hadn't seen him since I prayed for him a few months earlier.

He was so excited to tell me he had gone back to the doctor's and after all his tests the doctor told him there's been a 90 percent improvement in his condition. Come on Jesus!

He kept saying "I believe in the power of prayer" and thanked me again for praying and how much he appreciated it.

My boss didn't tell me but Ace had actually called my company and told them what I did and how God touched him, he's been telling people ever since!

Word of knowledge opens door for healing.

 It was a little rainy today but still quite a few people were out and about.
 After preaching to the people that were hanging out, we decided to knock on a few doors.
At one home a woman opened the door, we greeted her and said "the kingdom of heaven is at hand" and asked if anyone needed prayer, or healing in their body

She quickly said "no, thanks for asking", and proceeded to shut the door, before she did though one of us spoke up and said  "hey does anyone have pain in their foot". She looked around as there was 6 or 7 people in the living room and said "no". We politely told them to have a nice day and she shut the door.

We shrugged it off and I began to explain to a new believer that was with us to not get discouraged, sometimes when we get a word of knowledge for someone just because they say no it doesn't always mean it was a wrong word.

Just then the door opened again and the woman said " I'm sorry, actually one of us does have much pain in her left ankle, you guys just totally messed us up with that.

They invited us in and we introduced ourselves, told them that God's kingdom really is at hand and asked if we could pray.

Tasha, the girl with the pain in the ankle, said the pain level was about a 7 and she also had lupus. We explained a little about what we were going to do and then prayed. The pain level went down to about a 4 and so we prayed again and the pain level went down to 0 she was tearing up quite a bit and began to tell us about the lupus.

We prayed for complete healing and encouraged her about God loving her so much. We got to pray over the house and just encouraged everyone in the room. They thanked us and were pretty stunned at what had just happened. (so were we by the way).

Nose bleed healed!

A few months ago I pulled up on a job site and met a man whose nose had been bleeding for three days. It was so bad, he was about to go to the hospital.

I asked him if I could pray for him and he agreed, I only had a minute to minister to him, here's the testimony of what he told me the next time I saw him. Jesus!

Agents of change

Recently we were in a neighborhood preaching the gospel to a rather large group of young men. There were mixed responses to our message, but overall they were pretty open to what we had to say.

After a while, a woman pulled us aside and began to tell us that it wasn't a good idea for us to be there. She told us of a recent home invasion and shooting, that left a man and woman badly injured.

Although we appreciated the heads up to what kind of drama was going on in the neighborhood, we assured her it was right for us to be there.

I believe one of the failings of modern day "Christianity" is that we see what's going on in our culture, but we we don't feel much responsibility for changing it.

Instead of just being shocked and saddened by the tragedy and trouble we see every night on the news, what would happen if it inspired us to go to where the trouble is, armed with the help of the kingdom of heaven.

Light shines brightest in dark places right? Jesus said "I didn't come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance." In other words, Jesus got right out in the middle of the culture and powerfully let his light shine, we'd be wise to follow His example.

The true Gospel is genuine help for people today, it's a very present help for our culture, but they won't know unless we tell them, unless we bring it to them. It's not somebody else's responsibility, it's yours and it's mine.

We continued on that day to see a woman give her heart to the Lord and a number of other people get touched and stirred up for the things of God.

We have authority to affect neighborhoods, cities and yes, even nations, but much of the change depends on us. Our willingness to be available, to go, to say "yes Lord, send me."

God's given us all we need to accomplish His will, but the trap we find ourselves in many times, is that He will never violate our freewill or our tendency to say no.

The good news, is there is still time to get in the game, God's created us for such a time as this, all of heaven is backing you!

Be yourself, love God and love people. Follow Jesus, His lifestyle, His pattern for ministry, It works!

Healing and Salvation (COPD)

Yesterday I took a friend of mine to one of our local neighborhoods Skyline Village to preach the gospel of the kingdom. He has a heart for the Lord but at the same time a lot of "sacred cows" I'm trying to help him get free of.

Our first encounter was with a young man named David, we preached and encouraged him for a while and I had some prophetic words for him. I also began to share about a car accident that took place when I was in high school, There were five guys in the car and four of them were killed, the driver survived.

He went on to share with me that the very same thing had happened two months ago killing four of his cousins, and the driver surviving in an almost identical accident as the one I had described. Such a tragedy, and most would say wow, what a coincidence. We were able to strongly encourage him to live for the Lord as none of us knows how long we have on this earth.

After we said goodbye to David I began to share with my friend how I kind of missed that one. God had given me the memory of the tragedy that happened with my high school classmates to tell me that the same tragedy had happened in David's family.

If I had been more sensitive and had some faith, I could have stepped out and told David in detail, about the accident he described to me, I probably wasn't even supposed to share my experience, that was  just the lord giving me the info for the word. That would have been a much more powerful word, my bad.

Well the next thing I know my friend is manifesting on me because  he doesn't believe in the supernatural, or the prophetic or healing etc...I'm trying to get him there but he's not there yet.
So things end up getting a little heated, it got so bad we actually had to stop the outreach and go home, agreeing to disagree.

I guess the enemy was pleased and thought he won since we stopped the outreach and no other lives were going to get changed that day.

Well here we are the next day, Sunday, and like many Christian's I'm settling in on the couch for a little nap. The only problem is I'm thinking about the botched outreach the day before and how the enemy is probably thinking he won that one.
After a bit I decided to text another friend, (one who does believe in supernatural ministry) and we made plans to go that afternoon.

We arrived at 4:30 met Terry and as we started down the sidewalk I was thinking how I wanted to pick up right where I had left off the day before. To my surprise David (the guy from yesterday) comes walking down the sidewalk and we meet in the exact spot we had left off the day before. This was very cool, as I knew this was going to be a great outreach.

I introduced him to Terry and my daughter and we preached to him for a little while, then headed right where I intended to go the day before.

After talking to a few people we saw a group of people kind of behind a house, so we approached them with the message of the kingdom. They looked kind of shocked as we told them what we were doing.

We preached for a little while and asked if anyone needed prayer, a young woman jumped up and said "I do", a young man also came forward and said he did to. At this point everyone else had scattered but these two were wide open and testified of this being just what they needed.

Their names are Carol and James, and Carol with tears in her eyes said yes I want to get right with God. Wow, we got to pray and lead them both to the lord and encourage and bless them, they were so thankful we came by. She gave us her mother's address and wants us to go by her house this week to pray for her.

On our way out we were passing by a home and a woman came out with an oxygen tank.We stopped in and asked her if she wanted any prayer. She had severe COPD and obviously had a lot of trouble breathing. At first she wasn't open to any prayer at all, so we  just preached to her and encouraged her as she was a christian.

After a while I asked her if we could just agree with her faith for her healing, she said we could so I said a quick prayer of agreement and we went on encouraging each other with the things of God.

After a few minutes I noticed she seemed to be breathing without a struggle so I said "hey it sounds like your breathing a little better how do you feel". With a look of shock and joy she said wow, yes, it is better yes please pray and we all joined hands now she was wide open for prayer.

This is so much fun, she started getting stirred up as we released healing and heaven and she kept saying wow this feels awesome! Thank you Jesus, she wants us to come back for a possible house church meeting.

We had such a good time all because we decided to make ourselves available to do the will of God. On our way out we couldn't help but think of all the people who might have been saved, healed, or delivered all those times we chose not to go. That's a very sobering thought, but this time lives did get changed forever. Thank you Jesus!

When Jesus said "the harvest is ripe" He wasn't kidding.

Today we went to a rehab center across from the hospital. I brought my keyboard and led worship for about an hour, shared some words of encouragement, and prayed for everyone one by one.

At times I was overwhelmed with compassion for these people, we had between 15-20  come out, all sitting in wheelchairs. WOW, instant harvest field, we didn't see any instant miracles but we'll go back in a few and see what's happened.

What a joy to enter into worship with these forgotten friends, many are believers, and as we shared a common love for the Lord and His word, they lit up with His presence as His kingdom is a tangible reality.

We as the church many times put such value on people who have "something" to offer and don't realize that dishonoring the poor is a serious violation in the kingdom.

Maybe our culture has influenced us more than we know, think about it, most churches that have outreach programs today offer little more than what our government has to offer, food, clothing, housing and programs.

If we don't bring more than what our government on this earth has to offer we've really missed it. We have a mandate to bring the good news of the kingdom and a demonstration of the kingdom, and yes that requires sacrifice on our part.
Meeting basic needs is a good thing, but should never be a substitute for the reality of the kingdom

One of the questions I'm always asked when there is, "when are you coming back?".
That always hits me pretty hard, and I realize the harvest truly is ripe, but the laborers are few.

I'm believing for God's kingdom to be established here in a spectacular way. The gospel of the kingdom is not an idea, program, or concept, it's something we turn loose on people.

Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth just as it is in heaven!


Abscessed tooth healed

I recently stopped in to follow up on a few friends of mine in a neighborhood called Piedmont Park. We've had several house church meetings there and have seen God do some great things.
Antwan opened the door and was so glad to see me. He had been battling depression all week and looked very overwhelmed by the enemy.
His cousin Bobby was also there and was in a lot of pain, he had an abscessed tooth and his cheek was very swollen. He said he couldn't get a dentist appointment for about a week.

We prayed and released healing a number of times and it seemed like the swelling started to go down a little. We also kicked out depression and darkness and asked God's kingdom to come in a fresh way. They were so glad I stopped in for a surprise visit, those are more powerful then we think.

Well, I just got the report from Bobby, he said the following day all the pain and swelling was completely gone, praise God! He was thrilled to testify of what God had done. Jesus!

Light shines brightest in dark places

There is nothing like a fresh miracle to knock the cobwebs of your spirit. Seeing God's supernatural kingdom manifest has to be one of my favorite things in life. A demonstration of the kingdom has a way of energizing my faith and spirit like nothing else.
Mid week outreaches can be challenging, especially towards the end of the week. Typically it's the last thing my flesh wants to do but one thing I've learned is that if we want to see the supernatural  released to touch others, we can't listen to our flesh.
The other night I was waiting in my car for a friend of mine in one of our rougher neighborhoods, it was getting late and it didn't look like he was going to make it.

As I was contemplating going out to preach by myself and follow up on a few friends or just go home ( it's best to go out in twos) two police cruisers pulled up responding to a call a few doors down. That was enough confirmation for me, so I got out to preach.

The first guy I talked to wasn't real responsive but I just began to tell him about the kingdom of God and how it's actually a lot closer then we think, it's literally within reach. At that point two of his friends came by and they all greeted each other and kind of pretended I wasn't there, you know, kind of hoping I'd get the hint and leave.

This is always a good time to listen and get something from the Lord.

When I felt like I got something, I politely interrupted them and asked, if anybody had pain in their knee. This immediately got their attention as one guy said "yes, I do".
I love that, instant access, he let me pray for it and I had him test it to see if there was any pain, he said, with a stunned look on his face "no".

He kept looking for the pain and couldn't find any. I further explained the kingdom and that it was real and that Jesus is real and encouraged them to live for God.

What fun to be on outreach with the Lord. We forget He wants to see something happen even more than we do.
Luke 8:1 says,
Jesus went through every city and village preaching and bringing (showing) the good news of the kingdom. For us it doesn't always work out that way but it's so much  fun when it does! Thanks Jesus!


The Holy Spirit is more involved than we think.

The other night a few of us went to Twin City apartments to follow up on a guy we haven't seen in a while. On our way to find his apartment we stopped to talk with a guy in his twenties named Josh.

We talked for a little while telling him about the kingdom of God, I was feeling like we needed to get going, it was starting to get dark and I didn't want to be knocking on someone's door at night. I started to feel a little anxious and impatient and started to get vexed that this guy was slowing us down. (ok?)

Well. just when I was feeling like we needed to go Josh starts getting tears in his eyes. The Holy Spirit had other plans for us. Josh was struggling with depression and was considering going on medication. We shared about depression being an attack from the enemy and how Jesus can give us victory over it.

We were able to pray and minister life to him, it was definitely a divine appointment. I could see the Spirit really taking His time with Josh in spite of my impatience and agenda. I definitely need to get better at giving up my agenda and recognize when God is going in a different direction. It's pretty cool to see God touch someone even when our heart or attention isn't in tune with the moment.

It just goes to show making ourselves available is more significant than we think.

The other guy we were trying to find wasn't home, but we did run into a group of  teenagers and got to preach to them for a while. It always amazes me, when we sacrifice and make ourselves available, God always seems to be ready to do something, touch someone, heal someone, set someone free or just deal with someone about eternity.

The harvest truly is ripe. God help us to push through the opposition to do your will and see your Kingdom come!

Bringing the Kingdom to Silas Manor

The other night we went to an assisted living facility called Silas Manor. We met in the cafeteria and basically had a house church meeting.
 One of the nurses was so excited to have us she wheeled in nine people and joined in herself.
We had a very joy filled time of worship and people entered right in. My daughter Genesis helped me on guitar and one of the residents Willie, played the harmonica.

Some had tears in their eyes as we worshipped and encouraged each other. What a privilege to worship with these precious souls that are so easily forgotten by the world and the church.

I shared about the living water Jesus promised to give to those willing to drink, and the fountain it becomes in us when we do.
We prayed for each one and had one guy who had never given his heart to the Lord get saved. He also had much pain in his knee and after the third time we prayed, he testified of no pain. Thank you Jesus!

Friday night downtown Winston Salem

We've been going downtown on Friday nights to preach the gospel of the kingdom, there is usually a good mix of people from homeless to wealthy people and the response to our message is mixed as well.
It's always interesting to experience the reaction of people as we tell them "Jesus is King, and the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand".

 Most are usually shocked and somewhat offended that we dare interrupt their night out (which I can understand, I'm the same way when people interrupt me on the street) but the reality is, there is really no convenient time to preach or even receive the gospel, the kingdom is according to God's schedule not ours.

One young man walked by a few different times during the night and we were able to share and minister a little bit at a time. At first he was very bitter and angry and didn't want anything to do with us or God.
Well, by the end of the night God had totally rocked his world. During the night he had gone into a restaurant and ordered a meal knowing he couldn't pay for it but he was on the street and hadn't eaten all day. After the meal he was in the process of getting kicked out and possibly arrested and a total stranger came in and paid for his meal.

A while later he's back on the street talking to us and begins to confess his sins and open up about the pain in his life. We started sharing about God being a father to the fatherless and how God is showing him the Fathers love.

He is really getting touched at this point and shares that he had just called his dad for help. His dad was on his way to pick him up and he said it was the first time his father has ever reached out to help him. He was so blown away by God's love and all he could was cry and thank God.

Pretty cool as we felt like this was a divine appointment and we got to be apart of reintroducing someone to the love of God.

Skyline Village

Recently we were in Skyline Village, a neighborhood we've been in for a couple years now. I was pretty excited to go because Antwan, one of our new believers was going, and I new it would be a good time. Seeing people get turned on for the Kingdom and seeing regular people find out God will use them is one of my favorite things in life.

I picked up Antwan and as we left for Skyline the rain started coming down. We prayed on the way for the rain to stop and sure enough the rain stopped and the sun came out 30 min. later.

We met Terry in our usual parking spot and headed out to see what God would do. We went door to door and preached to a few people. Some were wide open and others were not really interested at all. We got to this one house and a few people were hanging outside on the porch. They really weren't interested at all except for one young man Terry was dealing with.

After preaching for a bit we got a word that he had basically just lost his job, that it was his aunts business and that he was feeling really bad about it. Well guess what, he started to tear up and as we continued to minister to him he started saying "wow I can't believe this" as he was wiping the tears away he said that's exactly what  happened.

He said there was all kinds of drama surrounding the situation and he was blown away by God speaking this specifically. While all this was going on people in the house were laughing at us and mocking us. He didn't care he was getting touched by God!

We got to pray with him and encourage him to boldly live for God, what a blessing. We got to minister to a number of other young men one rededicating his life to the Lord.

We also followed up on a family we've been praying for. They shared with us how God has been changing them and how much they've appreciated us coming around and talking and praying with them.

I love when the kingdom shows up on outreach, thank you Jesus!

Jesus paid for it. Let's go get it!

Wow! Here's some video of an outreach to Piedmont park. We had nine young people get saved. We all got on our knees to receive Jesus, as some looked on mocking the decisions that were made.

We strongly encouraged those under conviction to make a public statement, as God takes us more seriously when we go public with our confession.

God provided some stunning words of knowledge to get their attention and a tangible presence of God brought conviction to hearts as we preached.

The place was a bit crazy with a fight breaking out, and a spirit of foolishness and mockery having dominion.

We followed up a week later and the atmosphere had totally changed. One woman remarked how peaceful the neighborhood was and we got to join with the Lord in seeing a couple of miracles.

This man had a lot of trouble hearing us as we tried to preach to him. We prayed for his hearing to be restored 100% and he testified of a significant change. Thank you Jesus.

Pulling them out of the fire

My wife works in the home health business and has the opportunity to care for people in the last stages of life on this earth. At times she's able to deal with people about the condition of their soul, sometimes just days before they pass.

Some are quite anxious and embrace the opportunity to get things right with the Lord. Others reject the opportunity and go on to eternity without the blood of Jesus, what a fearful thought.

She recently was able to lead a woman to the Lord just days before she passed, what a joy.

A few months earlier however, she asked a woman at deaths door, if she loved Jesus, and the woman coldly responded "no!" That woman as far as we know went on to spend eternity without God.

The past three outreaches we've had, we've encountered people coming under much fearful conviction and with tears, they gave their hearts to the lord. One man called Rodney on the phone out of the blue, under much conviction, and basically said "what must I do to be saved?" This encourages me to continue to faithfully pray for souls we've ministered to even if we don't see or hear from them for some time.

I know what it's like to be in that place of warfare, where you know the Bible's true but the hook of the world is in you. That's a very fearful and uncomfortable place to be. I can remember before I got saved being in that place and thank God for people who were faithfully praying God's hand on me.

Some who have recently made decisions for God have been avoiding us as we follow up on them. You know, peeking out of the blinds when we go to their house or not answering their phone.

We don't harass them to much, but as Christians part of our job is to be the ones extending a hand to pull them out of the fire. This can be an awkward place and most Christians today avoid it like the plague.

God never violates our free will and it's ultimately up to the person to go public and accept Christ. But real love on our part is, to extend a hand, best we can, and say jump!

As Christians were the ones who are suppose to be rushing in and rescuing people from the wrath to come. If we don't, who will?

Jesus came to seek and save. The enemy has a tight grip on many that are supposed to be in God's kingdom.

How many, if we took some time, extended a hand, through the warfare, through the awkward feelings, through the conviction, would jump?

I bet more than we think!

Winston-Salem sees 13% drop in violent crime.

We've been laboring in and regularly praying for 28 different neighborhoods in Winston Salem. It's been an exciting adventure and God has done more than we could ask, think, or imagine!

Recently I came across this headline from the Winston Salem Journal concerning  crime rates.

"Homicides in Winston-Salem fell 44 percent, from nine killings to five during the first six months of this year, compared with the same time last year. Vehicle thefts dropped 17 percent."

"Experts have been hard-pressed to explain the decrease in crime when a weak economy has put a continuing strain on local police budgets."

I believe this change is directly related to a handful of Christians who made a decision to be available to the will of God this past year.

We made a decision to shine our lights and invade the darkness with the power of the kingdom of Heaven and it's amazing to see the atmosphere change. Glory to God!

Five tumors destroyed

Wow! Here are some more details on Belvin, he said he actually had 5 tumors in his stomach. The doctors had given him 6 months to live, now they can't seem to find the cancer. Huh???

Thank you King Jesus!

Jesus is King over tumors!

This is a friend of ours named Belvin. He's battling cancer and we're believing God with him for 100% healing. Tumors in his stomach disappearing is good progress, praise God! Thank you King Jesus!



Kingdom power stops shoplifter

When we live our lives representing the King we have more authority then we think. This is my wife Renee testifying of releasing the fear of God on someone.

Washington street chicken bomb.

We cracked open a new city the past couple of weeks High Point NC. This city is ripe and the level of darkness we felt there just makes the light of the kingdom that much brighter.

On our first outreach we stopped at the local drink house, this is where on any given day 10-20 people gather to get high, drunk or just hang out with other down and outers.

We were pretty well received as we preached the gospel of the kingdom. After preaching and praying with people in the front lot, we noticed a little house in the back. There was a man in a wheelchair in sight, as the front door was open.

As we walked back to the house we greeted him and told him the "kingdom of heaven was at hand". We asked him if he needed prayer and he said "oh yes" and proceeded to show us his foot which was very deformed looking and actually was basically dangling from his leg.

He had broken it or dislocated it a few years ago and it had never healed correctly. He said the pain level was a ten and after prayer he told us the pain level was zero. Wow! Thank you Jesus!

It was still deformed looking when we left, but we'll be going back to contend for 100% healing.

We ended the outreach with one of our favorite things to do, we dropped a 20 Piece chicken bomb from Bojangles on them with all the fixins. We claimed this place for the kingdom and told Bill (the guy that got healed) we need to start a house church there, he seemed to light up as we talked about kicking out the darkness that temporarily has dominion there

This is Bill in the video singing us a song and were believing for great things on Washington st.

Kingdom blessings (I got four jobs)

Many times we've ministered to people and then we run into them on the other side of town or in a different neighborhood. It's awesome to hear what's been going on in their lives after we've released the kingdom on them.

Sometimes they are still running from God and it kind of freaks them out that we bump into them again. Other times we see what God has been doing since we saw them last.

We met Varia on a mall outreach months ago and what a joy to hear him get blessed. When you come in contact with a good God, good things happen!Thank you Jesus

Whose report do you believe?

We had a blast on outreach the other day. Although our team was small in the natural in the spirit we had all kinds of help.

We did some good old fashioned door to door and after no answer at the first four doors, we had five powerful encounters right in a row.

People were wide open as God gave us favor. One woman with an inner ear problem got healed and we had many prophetic words and words of knowledge for people.

At one home, a women got born again, her boyfriend had recently gotten back to the Lord and was frustrated that she wasn't "getting it". After ministering to her for a while she confessed that although she went to church, she had never gotten born again. What a privilege to lead her to the Lord and see them both light up with hope and faith.

After outreach we followed up with a friend of ours named Pam.

Pam has had MS for a few years and has been in a rehab for a few months, her muscles were getting weaker and weaker, she couldn't stand or walk by herself and her neck muscles were so weak she was having trouble even holding her head up.

The doctors had given her a very bad report saying she needed 24 hr care and that it wasn't likely she'd be getting out of the rehab.

Well a few days after we prayed she walked out of that place using a walker and now she's in her own home again, and taking care of herself just fine.

What a joy to see her come to the door to let us in to pray and visit with her

To God be the glory!

A very present help in time of trouble

The other night we cracked open a new neighborhood called Twin City. This place is ripe and you could feel faith rise in our team as we began to see the neighborhood was even bigger than we expected.

First off we got to preach to a group of young people hanging out around a pick up truck. Some were backsliders and others had tasted dead religion growing up so it was a joy to give them the truth. The atmosphere began to change as we shared Jesus and the reality of His present kingdom. It was definitely a divine appointment as we felt the presence of the Lord dealing with their hearts.

We knocked on a few doors with no answer and then found some more people out in the parking lot. They weren't very open and it started to feel a little discouraging but then we came across another group getting ready to get in their car.

As Renee and Rodney asked if anyone needed prayer one girl quickly responded "yes I do" and climbed back out of the car. After they ministered to her for a while she gave her heart to God. Awesome!

As this was going on a young man named Antwan came outside. We told him The kingdom of heaven was at hand and he began to just pour out his heart.

Here's the deal, his apt. had been broken into a year and a half ago. and he had decided to get revenge by hitting the thief with his car. He was up on a felony charge of assault with a dangerous weapon and was looking at definite prison time. Their were at least six witnesses scheduled to testify against him and since he had already confess to the crime he had been preparing himself mentally to go to prison.

He rededicated his life to the Lord and we asked God to have mercy on him. We went back Saturday to follow up with him. Here's what happened all the witnesses got thrown out and the verdict was NOT GUILTY. Thank you Jesus!

He was still in shock days later as the goodness of the Lord was messing him up. We were able to minister and help him through some pretty hard issues of the heart and you could feel God's love all over him. Thank you Lord!

Boldly going where "religion" won't go.

Yesterday we went back to Cedar Woods, a neighborhood we hadn't been to in a little while. The last time we were there a woman we had been praying for wasn't doing to well, in fact she had gone from being in a wheelchair to basically bedridden.

Her 10 yr old grandson opened the door for us and honestly the smell coming from the apartment was so bad Rodney and I couldn't even face the door and we were 10 feet away.

She has no home care and no one to help her, it literally smelled like death in there. My wife didn't hesitate and boldly went right in to minister to her, kicking out the spirit of death and releasing the Kingdom of Love.

Yesterday the woman was outside her apartment in her wheel chair and excitedly said to my wife, "hey I need to show you something" and with a big smile on her face took about 10 strong steps out of her wheel chair.

She had such joy on her face as she testified of God healing her and her obvious deliverance, this is a totally different woman. Thank you Jesus! She even took a few steps for me to put on this video.

Without the boldness of the love of God we will never rescue people in real bondage. That's our mandate and we can never forget that. Religion is to sophisticated to get it's hands dirty, but that's where the real treasure is.

Rodney Curtis and Mary Anne came back rejoicing also. They grew out two legs and had a woman with cataracts get healed. Mary Anne led someone to the Lord and they followed up on a woman named Bonnie who had gotten saved on a previous outreach.

She testified of God helping her and she knew God had sent us to her. What a privileged!

Swelling and pain gone instantly

We had two women get healed from pain and swelling in their legs. This is Miss Liddy testifying of her leg getting healed and also feeling something change behind her glass eye. Can't wait to go back and see the progress with her eye.

Also this guy at the bus station got healed, he had a very severe limp with much pain. He said he was only able to lift 5 lbs. prior to prayer. His wife is holding his cane and seeing him get healed brought tears to her eyes.

The Lord working with them and confirming the word through the accompanying signs.

We've done a number of outreaches this week and each one was very fruitful, we had at least five people make decisions for the Lord and many more shaken up with a touch from God.

We had a team of eight go on outreach yesterday, and it still amazes me how the kingdom of heaven shows up when were faithful to release it.

We split up into three teams and did some good old fashioned door to door ministry. It's stunning how one minute your walking by a complete strangers home and the next minute your in their living room bringing them to tears with a demonstration of the kingdom.

We got a word of knowledge about this young mans ankle and after praying twice the pain was completely gone.

His mother also received some words of knowledge and prophetic encouragement that set her free and visibly shook her to tears. God's love is soooo powerful what a privileged to be His hands and feet.

We ended the outreach with a house church meeting at Ms. Jackie's house, a woman we had met a few weeks ago. We all got refreshed and encouraged as we shared testimonies and revelation provoking one another unto love and good works.
Thank you Jesus!

Dancing on the devil (leg healed)

We had a fun outreach yesterday. We hit a small apartment complex on Thurmond street, we hadn't been there in a while and it felt good to be back. People were open to the gospel and one man 41 yrs old gave his heart to the Lord.

His mom was there as Curtis, Rodney and Mary anne were dealing with him about salvation. His mom was obviously saved as you could feel the anointing on her.

The presence of the Lord powerfully touched him, his mother in tears and joy everywhere as the enemy lost another one to the King. Thank you Jesus!

We ended the day with our second house church meeting in Colony Place. Gods given us much favor in this neighborhood. Our new meeting is at the property managers apartment. This is her in the video dancing on the devil after getting healed (I bet he hates that).

A woman named Cheryl also got healed and powerfully touched by the lord. We're excited about what Gods doing in this neighborhood. Looking forward to much more!

Even the demons are subject to us in your name

We had an awesome Tuesday night outreach at the bus station. Six people made decisions to follow the Lord and He was definitely working with us as we gave words of knowledge that got people's attention like nothing else can.

We ended the night in the middle of the station rejoicing over the nights spoils. As we were encouraging each other and recounting the night, a man approached us, threw his wallet on the floor in the middle of us (strange) and began to say "I don't appreciate how your treating me, you need to leave." He then let loose a string of profanity and vile nonsense.

It was obviously a homosexual demon speaking through him and although we hadn't even ministered to him that night the presence of the Lord was making him very uncomfortable.
I assured him he's the one that needed to leave and he began to get even more vile with us.

He was a very tall man dressed in a bright yellow suit and started pulling his pants down. I told him we own this place and commanded it to go in Jesus name.

Just then over the loudspeaker a security guard said "do you want to go to jail tonight" and proceeded to kick him out.

It's amazing the favor and dominion we have there. We tend to be very free and at times our joyful encounters get pretty loud. Security lets us basically do anything we want there and this confrontation took place right in the middle of the station.

Thank you Jesus yours is the Kingdom the power and the glory forever amen!

Heal the sick- raise the dead

We cracked open a new neighborhood last night Salem Crest. After knocking on a few doors one finally opened up to us. We told them "the kingdom of Heaven's at hand" and they responded "it's already here" and invited us right in. They were Christians and we instantly began to stir each other up with the things of God.

It was definitely a divine connection. This woman named Jackie, had been praying for this neighborhood for years. God had even woke her up at 2:00 one morning to lay hands on all the doors in the apt complex.

She began to share with us an account of a little girl she had brought back to life after being hit by a car right outside her apartment. Awesome!

She had many testimonies of the miraculous and much wisdom as she shared all she's been through in her life.

She was born with C P and was not expected to live past 20. She's in her 50's now with three grown children. That's another miracle, as she said she was born without a womb.

She had much pain in her legs and as we all prayed I felt a tangible heat go into her spine as my hand was on her back. She felt the heat as well and then testified of no pain. Thank you Jesus!

We're having more and more divine connections happen in these neighborhoods. keep it coming Lord!

Pain free

I was a little late for outreach Tuesday night but when I arrived things were already popping pretty good. Rodney and Curtis filled me in on what was going on, a few people had gotten saved and this woman in the video, had just gotten set free from much pain in her knees from arthritis and a gout condition.

When they pointed her out to me she was actually running towards us and hopped up on the curb, obviously feeling pretty good. Her friend she had with her also got healed from a migraine headache. Thank you Jesus!

God's tangible presence was there again as we ministered to people. The past few weeks even the sinners have been feeling His presence. Now that's fun!

Words of knowledge and encouragement have been shaking people up as we witness the King of the universe peeling back the veil and speaking powerful words of love that stop people in their tracks.

God is good!