Matthew 10:7-8

As you go, preach, saying, "the kingdom of heaven is at hand."
Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.


We recently cracked open two new neighborhoods literally right in our own backyard. One of them "Stonehenge" feels like it's going to crack wide open. There was a good mix of responses ranging from being warmly received to one woman declaring, "I'm wicken"and slamming the door in our face to another man in the neighborhood saying very coldly "I get mine on Sundays".

I think maybe the reason we don't see much persecution in this country is probably because we haven't been much of a threat to the system so far. Well guess what, things are changing" I believe the more we reject the temporary comfort of disobedience and embrace the comfort of His advancing kingdom the better equipped we'll be to face what's ahead for this world.

A passive compromised lifestyle will lead us right into the trap of the last days deception and falling away the bible warns of. Pretty scary times were living in, thank God His kingdom can't be shaken.

As we continued on our outreach we met a woman named Trina, she had pain in her shoulder and many other health problems. We encouraged her with the good news of the kingdom and joined hands to pray with her commanding pain to go and releasing the kingdom.

Her eyes welled up with tears as we felt the glory touch and deliver her. When we finished she testified of no pain in her shoulder thank you Jesus! You could tangibly feel depression go and joy come.

Afterward a man and woman named Glenda and Marcus came up and said "hey we heard that your praying for people can you pray with us". They had some pressing needs that we lifted up to the lord. We all got fired up sharing with one another Marcus lit up with encouragement as we preached and prophesied over them.

Terry gave them a word about God speaking to them through license plates. They were amazed because they had just seen a plate that said "overflow" and it had really got their attention ,pretty cool.

We sowed some more good seed before we left making some new friends, we'll definitely be back! It was interesting to see the range of peoples reaction in this neighborhood from total openness to rejection. God may we always by your grace be a threat to this worlds system, keep us, fill us, send us in Jesus name!!!

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