Matthew 10:7-8

As you go, preach, saying, "the kingdom of heaven is at hand."
Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.

Taking ground in Piedmont Park

Piedmont Park is always an interesting outreach. We had two teams armed with the message that the kingdom of Heaven's at hand.
We started talking to this one group of people and the guys seemed very apathetic, even had a bit of a mocking spirit. The women had remembered us from a previous outreach and were more open.

After not feeling like we were getting any where with them we moved on. Well, about twenty minutes later our other team were walking by and the girls stopped them and asked if they would pray with them, they wanted to get born again. How cool is that, we sometimes don't know what people are thinking or how the Spirit's affecting them.

Later we met up with the other team they were ministering to Earl and his girlfriend. Earl is a guy we've been praying for, we haven't seen him in months, but God's been getting a hold of him. He's been under a lot more conviction than the last time we dealt with him. We had a word for his girlfriend about her sister, she began to tear up as evidently the word was a direct hit.

Earl has quite a testimony of God sparing his life, he's been shot and stabbed numerous times. We believe he's a key guy for this neighborhood.

Before leaving we stopped by James' house for a house church meeting. He's been doing great, God gave him custody of his seven year old daughter and were believing for a better job with a better schedule. He's also joined a little church right across the street.

It feels like were slowly but surely getting dominion in this neighborhood thank you Lord your word doesn't return void!

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