Matthew 10:7-8

As you go, preach, saying, "the kingdom of heaven is at hand."
Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.

Muslim gets born again

This week we did a surprise outreach on a rainy Tuesday night. We ventured down to the bus station, on Tuesday nights a local ministry gives out free barbecue so there is usually about a hundred people that show up.

We preached and ministered to a number of people challenging some backsliders to return to the Lord. After the food was gone most people were on their way, so we went inside to preach to those waiting for their bus.

We met a man named Carlos simms, he said he was a Muslim and I guess he thought that would keep us from sharing the gospel with him. But that only encouraged us to preach.

We began to get to know him a little and he said he's been a Muslim for seven years. After a little pressing in, he seemed to be wide open to the message of Jesus and His Kingdom. It turns out his mom is born again and also his wife. The more pressing in we did it seemed like he was coming under more and more conviction, it sounded like his wife and mother were both spirit filled and faithfully praying for him.

I told him that Jesus said "today is the day of salvation" and as I shared tomorrow is promised to nobody, he began to say that's what his wife had said before he left.
I warned him of waiting as tomorrow really is promised to none of us.

After a few minutes he said I think I'm ready tonight. We led him in a sinners prayer renouncing Islam and dedicating his life to the Lord. Awesome Jesus! He'd been under so much conviction from all the prayer that's gone up for him he knew this was a divine appointment. Terry asked him if he felt a change and he said he felt such a relief.

He than explained his story of getting on the wrong bus to go see his mother and had spent the whole day going the wrong direction. He really believed God had orchestrated this whole thing so he could get born again. He pointed out others in the station that had missed their buses as well so we preached to them believing God set this whole thing up. Praise God!

Were going to meet up with him this weekend to continue to encourage him and get him a bible, what a powerful night.

Most Muslims we preach to aren't quite that ready to turn to KING JESUS but because of others labors, and a little nudge, this fruit just dropped of the vine.

All because my wife had a thought "lets go down to the bus station tonight"

Just think that still small voice we hear has the power to change someones life forever!

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