Matthew 10:7-8

As you go, preach, saying, "the kingdom of heaven is at hand."
Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.

When the kingdom shows up--something happens

Six of us went out the other night to preach the gospel of the kingdom. What a joy to bring the light of the gospel.

The first group of people we dealt with were pretty open. One man who seemed to be a believer began to ask us questions as we shared the kingdom he began to get stirred up and challenged to get out and preach.

Anyway the next home a man and women were hanging out on their porch. The woman had carpel tunnel syndrome with much pain in her hand. She had also burned her wrist earlier in the day.

We told her God does miracles and she let us pray for her. After we prayed she just looked at us as we asked her where the pain was, she said the stinging is gone. She looked at the man next to her and said "no, I'm serious it's gone!"
We continued to encourage them and they were so glad we stopped by.

We caught up with the rest of our team and decided to go across the street to Sunrise towers.

There was I'd say 8-10 people hanging out near a bench. As we walked up, we told them "the kingdom of heaven is at hand!" We explained what that meant and asked if anyone needed prayer. Right away one man jumped up and said "let's pray" it was awesome we all joined hands and just began to release heaven. The atmosphere got pretty charged as things started to manifest. One man lit up a cigarette and then declared "why do I feel bad for smoking. I've never felt bad for that." We just told him it was because God just showed up.

An older woman named Frieda had a fractured knee she couldn't bend her leg and was walking with a walker. After we prayed she said she was feeling a tingling in her knee. I reached down and felt her knee and I could feel something vibrating in her knee cap she said somethings happening, I'm not lieing. We had her test it and she began to bend her knee, she couldn't do that before. Thank you Lord!

Terry got to pray with a guy for salvation and many others were shaken up pretty good, one young women Renee was dealing with, began to manifest because Renee wouldn't submit to her demands for prayer. She went ballistic declaring "this has never happened to me." It was totally God as she was very offended obviously always getting her way. Well God wanted His way tonight.

It was funny because she couldn't seem to leave. We would say "if your not interested why are you still here" She couldn't leave because God was getting a hold of her. Afterward she did yell "goodbye I love you guys" to us as we were leaving and I know we'll be back to see her. What a powerful night!! Praise God!

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