Matthew 10:7-8

As you go, preach, saying, "the kingdom of heaven is at hand."
Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.

Skyline Village

Recently we were in Skyline Village, a neighborhood we've been in for a couple years now. I was pretty excited to go because Antwan, one of our new believers was going, and I new it would be a good time. Seeing people get turned on for the Kingdom and seeing regular people find out God will use them is one of my favorite things in life.

I picked up Antwan and as we left for Skyline the rain started coming down. We prayed on the way for the rain to stop and sure enough the rain stopped and the sun came out 30 min. later.

We met Terry in our usual parking spot and headed out to see what God would do. We went door to door and preached to a few people. Some were wide open and others were not really interested at all. We got to this one house and a few people were hanging outside on the porch. They really weren't interested at all except for one young man Terry was dealing with.

After preaching for a bit we got a word that he had basically just lost his job, that it was his aunts business and that he was feeling really bad about it. Well guess what, he started to tear up and as we continued to minister to him he started saying "wow I can't believe this" as he was wiping the tears away he said that's exactly what  happened.

He said there was all kinds of drama surrounding the situation and he was blown away by God speaking this specifically. While all this was going on people in the house were laughing at us and mocking us. He didn't care he was getting touched by God!

We got to pray with him and encourage him to boldly live for God, what a blessing. We got to minister to a number of other young men one rededicating his life to the Lord.

We also followed up on a family we've been praying for. They shared with us how God has been changing them and how much they've appreciated us coming around and talking and praying with them.

I love when the kingdom shows up on outreach, thank you Jesus!

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