Matthew 10:7-8

As you go, preach, saying, "the kingdom of heaven is at hand."
Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.

Healing and Salvation (COPD)

Yesterday I took a friend of mine to one of our local neighborhoods Skyline Village to preach the gospel of the kingdom. He has a heart for the Lord but at the same time a lot of "sacred cows" I'm trying to help him get free of.

Our first encounter was with a young man named David, we preached and encouraged him for a while and I had some prophetic words for him. I also began to share about a car accident that took place when I was in high school, There were five guys in the car and four of them were killed, the driver survived.

He went on to share with me that the very same thing had happened two months ago killing four of his cousins, and the driver surviving in an almost identical accident as the one I had described. Such a tragedy, and most would say wow, what a coincidence. We were able to strongly encourage him to live for the Lord as none of us knows how long we have on this earth.

After we said goodbye to David I began to share with my friend how I kind of missed that one. God had given me the memory of the tragedy that happened with my high school classmates to tell me that the same tragedy had happened in David's family.

If I had been more sensitive and had some faith, I could have stepped out and told David in detail, about the accident he described to me, I probably wasn't even supposed to share my experience, that was  just the lord giving me the info for the word. That would have been a much more powerful word, my bad.

Well the next thing I know my friend is manifesting on me because  he doesn't believe in the supernatural, or the prophetic or healing etc...I'm trying to get him there but he's not there yet.
So things end up getting a little heated, it got so bad we actually had to stop the outreach and go home, agreeing to disagree.

I guess the enemy was pleased and thought he won since we stopped the outreach and no other lives were going to get changed that day.

Well here we are the next day, Sunday, and like many Christian's I'm settling in on the couch for a little nap. The only problem is I'm thinking about the botched outreach the day before and how the enemy is probably thinking he won that one.
After a bit I decided to text another friend, (one who does believe in supernatural ministry) and we made plans to go that afternoon.

We arrived at 4:30 met Terry and as we started down the sidewalk I was thinking how I wanted to pick up right where I had left off the day before. To my surprise David (the guy from yesterday) comes walking down the sidewalk and we meet in the exact spot we had left off the day before. This was very cool, as I knew this was going to be a great outreach.

I introduced him to Terry and my daughter and we preached to him for a little while, then headed right where I intended to go the day before.

After talking to a few people we saw a group of people kind of behind a house, so we approached them with the message of the kingdom. They looked kind of shocked as we told them what we were doing.

We preached for a little while and asked if anyone needed prayer, a young woman jumped up and said "I do", a young man also came forward and said he did to. At this point everyone else had scattered but these two were wide open and testified of this being just what they needed.

Their names are Carol and James, and Carol with tears in her eyes said yes I want to get right with God. Wow, we got to pray and lead them both to the lord and encourage and bless them, they were so thankful we came by. She gave us her mother's address and wants us to go by her house this week to pray for her.

On our way out we were passing by a home and a woman came out with an oxygen tank.We stopped in and asked her if she wanted any prayer. She had severe COPD and obviously had a lot of trouble breathing. At first she wasn't open to any prayer at all, so we  just preached to her and encouraged her as she was a christian.

After a while I asked her if we could just agree with her faith for her healing, she said we could so I said a quick prayer of agreement and we went on encouraging each other with the things of God.

After a few minutes I noticed she seemed to be breathing without a struggle so I said "hey it sounds like your breathing a little better how do you feel". With a look of shock and joy she said wow, yes, it is better yes please pray and we all joined hands now she was wide open for prayer.

This is so much fun, she started getting stirred up as we released healing and heaven and she kept saying wow this feels awesome! Thank you Jesus, she wants us to come back for a possible house church meeting.

We had such a good time all because we decided to make ourselves available to do the will of God. On our way out we couldn't help but think of all the people who might have been saved, healed, or delivered all those times we chose not to go. That's a very sobering thought, but this time lives did get changed forever. Thank you Jesus!

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