Matthew 10:7-8

As you go, preach, saying, "the kingdom of heaven is at hand."
Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.

THE BLIND SEE (This could be your only chance)

All I can say is WOW and thank you Jesus. We had a team of five go on outreach today and we had a blast. We ventured out into some uncharted waters in a new neighborhood and saw multiple healing's and God's glory show up in a powerful way.
Renee and Shelley Knocked on a mans door, he responded to them with a typical "I'm not interested" type of response so they went next door. A few minutes later he calls out "did you leave yet? I do want prayer." ( later he shared God spoke to him and said "THIS COULD BE YOUR ONLY CHANCE" that's why he changed his mind) So they went in to pray for him he had been blind since about 1972, he could see some shapes and shadows but that's about it. They ministered for a bit then came and got me and George. We all began pray and loose God's kingdom after a while he began to say "I feel something we said that's the glory of God on you what's happening?"He said "water" As we looked up water was running out of his eyes but he wasn't crying. God was definitely doing something. We did the finger test and he past, than an across the room finger test he passed. Then we found something for him to read he began to slowly read the first line . It was very small print but he began to read each word.

(It was very dark in his apartment so I reached to turn on a light there was no light bulb. I said "hey you need a light bulb he said why would I need a light bulb I was blind I said oh yea that makes sense")

Anyway We continued to test it I wrote my cell number down for him, he read it no problem he said he hadn't read anything for thirty years!! He asked if he could keep the scrap paper we tested him with he wanted to keep reading it. Come on Jesus!!!

He knew the Lord and we encouraged him to dig his bible out and begin reading it for himself we can't wait to go back next week and see how he's doing.

He also had numbness and swelling in his fingers and arms Shelley put her hands on his and began to pray he said it felt like he had two big gloves on because of the swelling. After prayer he said it felt like the gloves came off. We had some words for him and continued to minister for a while he was visibly shaken by God's touch and so were we!!! Praise God!!

George and I had an opportunity to pray for a woman who had had a stroke in 99. We felt much much compassion for her as we prayed and while testing her paralysed right side was able to lift her arm about 5 inches higher than before prayer thank you Jesus We believe God's gonna continue to heal can't wait to report on it being complete.

Also we ministered to a family moving some people in. The husband needed a job so we prayed for him and we got some prophetic words for him and his wife the words were right on and got there attention. He began to share with us some of his past and how he had been on fire for God for many years, he began to really light up. George asked if he'd been baptized in the Holy Spirit he said "oh yes" and began to share story after story of many prophetic experiences he had in the past. He was very thankful we came over he said he saw us going door to door and was waiting for us to come over. He felt like a quality guy with a huge destiny awaiting him. The presence of the Lord got stronger and stronger as we stirred each other up sharing about the things of God..

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