Matthew 10:7-8

As you go, preach, saying, "the kingdom of heaven is at hand."
Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.


We went back to the new neighborhood Saturday to follow up on some people. At one of our first stops some women were out on there porch they didn't want prayer but said there was a sick man in the house. They took us to a back bedroom to pray for a man named Tippy his left hand and arm were swelled very badly because of gout he was in extreme pain. We began to pray and minister the swelling went down a little, we'll be back tomorrow or next week to check on him. On the way out his neighbor Edith pulled me aside and said "pray for me." She was blind in one eye because of cataracts we prayed for a while and didn't see to much changed. She did begin to see a little bit of light in her bad eye so we know God touched her.

As we were leaving Genesis said "Daddy there's a lady upstairs let's go up there." We knocked on the door and a woman named Sharon answer we told here " Jesus is king and His kingdom is on the earth" and asked if she needed prayer. She invited us in and we prophesied and shared the love of God with her. She had been struggling with depression but as we ministered she began to light up. She went on to share about her heart for helping the older people in the project and actually they were a few of the people we had been ministering to. She wants us to come back.

Next we prayed for another woman named Edith whose right side is paralysed from a stroke, she showed us the progress she's made since last week being able to lift her arm higher at the shoulder. We prayed for the full function of her hand and arm to come back 100% didn't see it open but believe it will soon you could tell her faith had been activated from what God's already done.

Next we encouraged a man in His twenties with three kids. He was wide open so we felt like we were sowing on good ground.

A few doors down we met Ricky. Ricky is a Muslim very active with the Nation of Islam. George and I stirred it up with him for about thirty minutes. He had grown up with some form of Christianity but had really been disappointed by it (obviously not the real thing) He was very angry with the American Churches and how they are so feminine. It was sad to see his hunger for God being filled with a hateful religious spirit. This is one reason why Islam attracted him, the discipline and militancy. I believe it's true to some extent most churches today are passive and feminine and this is why many men are turned off by them. I believe we got him questioning the false truth that he found in Islam. We kept bringing it back to how are you going to pay for your sins? See he believes God is a God of justice, so we got him to explain how he atones for his own sins. He believes fasting for ramadan is the way they atone now. We asked him if that seemed kind of weak going from blood sacrifice for sins to fasting. I think it got him thinking.

His finger tip had been cut off years ago and I challenged him that if Jesus healed it would he believe Jesus is God. This freaked him out but I believe God would have if he had let us pray.

Anyway we were a bit discouraged at this point in the outreach because we hadn't seen any profound miracles yet. We decided to follow up on one last family before leaving.

Al and Shawn had been greatly encouraged the week before. We had stirred them up with prayer prophetic words and the Gospel. They didn't need physical healing or any thing but were very encouraged. As Shawn opened the door they were so excited to see us Al had been reading his bible that week and hoping we came back. His wife Shawn held up her left hand in a brace and said look what happened. She had woken up that morning with extreme pain and much swelling in her fingers wrist and forearm. They went to the emergency room. The diagnosis was carpel tunnel syndrome. They sent her home and said if it doesn't get better she may need surgery. She said they hadn't given her anything for the pain except ibuprofen.

I Said "Jesus has something for the pain" We asked her the pain level she said 10 and she couldn't close her hand at all. We began to pray and then asked her to take off the brace. She said the pain was an 7 and she could move her fingers a little bit. We prayed at least four times and checked the pain level each time. It got down to level 3 and then no pain whatsoever. The swelling completely went down. She was able to make a fist, open and closed write with a pen and tears began to flow. They were amazed at what God did, visibly shaken.

Were going back today, Sunday to have a house church meeting they are very excited.

Praise God!!!!!

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