Matthew 10:7-8

As you go, preach, saying, "the kingdom of heaven is at hand."
Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.

On the attack..........

We went to Colony place Saturday and had a blast. We followed up with Tippy a guy we had prayed for last week he was in bed for 5 days with extreme pain from gout in his arm. This week he was up and out on the porch feeling much better thank you Jesus.

We are also contending for Edith she is now very open for prayer when we see her, were believing God for her blind right eye to open, nothing yet but will continue to pray until it does. We ministered to a woman named Maggie, at first she wasn't open for any ministry but after we preached for a little while she shared that she had a torn ligament in her leg. After prayer she began to test it and something began to happen. She said the tightness was starting to leave then the pain level began to go down after more prayer she testified of no pain. Thank God, it's amazing how even people that are not open if we press in a little they sometimes open up enough for God to do something.

Well I was some what vexed and provoked when we were leaving to go home. We stopped at Henry's house, the guy who had gotten healed from blindness a few Weeks earlier. He had lost some of his healing. He is a third degree Mason and didn't want to renounce it last time we were there. I was worried about that and thought it may have a negative effect on his healing. Anyway instead of ending the outreach on a disappointing note we drove to Piedmont park and preached to about ten people, got one lady healed and now have a possibility for a house church! I guess the enemy thought we would just go home disappointed oh well, guess again.

First we did a drive by inside the neighborhood to see what was going on. People were everywhere hanging out getting ready for there "Saturday night activities". We just started at one end and walked right up the middle of them. We preached and ministered, it was funny to see some people scatter as we brought the light of the gospel to them. We had three guys under a lot of conviction two had once been on fire for the Lord and one who had never been saved. God got his attention when I told him he was 53 years old. I said "how did I know that, It's because God knows you and loves you". We ran into Chris a local drug dealer and was able to minister to him and let him know were still praying for him.

On our way out we asked a woman named Jackie who was hanging out on her porch if she needed prayer, this time she said "oh yes come pray for me". She had been diagnosed with copd and had much difficulty breathing. After prayer she said "listen the rattling in my lungs has stopped. As we were praying we began to command the sinuses to open as well and she said her completely blocked right side was now open. She was amazed saying "you didn't even know my sinus was blocked". We ministered to her and her friend for a while, she wants us to come back next week and have a house church meeting. Thank you Jesus...We also prayed she'd have a good night sleep she'd had insomnia. She said as we left "I can breathe so good I'm going to bed right now. I know I'll be able to sleep tonight". We can't wait to see her next week and hear about what God's done.

Today we stopped at Al and Shawns house for a house church meeting this couple is on fire !!!! Shawns been testifying to her supervisor about her hand getting healed and able to encourage people because of what God's done. Al is diving into the Word and every time we see him is getting more and more revelation about the kingdom of God. He's in the book of acts and wants to go for it..Preach..heal the sick raise the dead!!!! Every time we see them we have such a wonderful time of fellowship in the Lord it's awesome thank you thank you thank you Jesus!!!!

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