Matthew 10:7-8

As you go, preach, saying, "the kingdom of heaven is at hand."
Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.

94 yr old man gets saved!

Ahhh..... there's nothing like storming the gates of hell with the kindness of the Gospel, a sure cure for spiritual boredom.

 Monday we went to Colony place, this neighborhood is always buzzing with people and desperately needs the light of the kingdom.

The first house we stopped at we got to minister to two older men Angus and Robert. As we share about the kingdom they began to get stirred up. Just as God used Caleb well into his eighties, we encouraged them that God wasn't done with them yet. It was like a light was turned on as we encouraged them to influence there neighborhood with the Gospel.

Angus ran inside to write his number down for us. Hopefully we can have a house church meeting there soon. When he came out his 94 yr old stepfather came to the door, he's been blind in both eyes for many years. I prayed God would restore his sight and as I started to deal with him about his  soul  he wanted to get things right with the Lord. Talk about being on the edge of eternity!

Sometimes we assume older people are right with God when in reality they are not ready. Thank you  Lord for saving Johnny!

Our next stop was Edith's house we've prayed for her six or seven times over the past six months that  God would open her blind eye. Well this time after prayer she said she started to see some red light in that eye. Thank you Jesus!!! Were believing as we continue to contend, her eye will completely open.

 As we continued on we met some people hanging out on a porch. We began to preach to Kelly a young man 26, after about 10 minutes of preaching he began to open up and come under some conviction. We led him in a re dedication prayer and laid hands on him to receive the Holy Ghost. 

We've seen some progress in our new believers recently and were encouraged to see them respond. Lets pray God would fill them with boldness and the reality of His Spirit!!

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davidh said...

That's really cool Paul, sounds like God is doing some amazing things. I am back in Canada right now but I passed along your invite to the school. You guys sound pretty like-minded in a passion for the lost, by the power of the Spirit. I pray God would bless you mightily and anoint you even more with his love and tenderness and radical boldness. Peace be with you.